A tapestry is made from threads of rich color & texture woven together to create a work of art. The front reveals a beautiful picture, the back often looks like a confusing snarl of threads & knots. Corrie Ten Boom used this metaphor to describe life. As the Lord, our Master Weaver, weaves together our lives crossing thread over thread to create a beautiful picture that reveals Himself in us, we often find ourselves focused on the confusing, knotted backside of His work in us.


The women of 2Cities chose this name because we as women desire to not only truly see the Master Weaver's hand at work but also be woven tightly together as sisters in Christ. We want to focus on the beautiful picture on the front of the tapestry not get sucked into seeing only the messy backside of it. We desire to be a beautiful depiction of our Lord in our community. Join us as we are woven & knit together for His service & glory.

Tapestry meets periodically for Bible studies and women gatherings. Stay tuned for upcoming events and contact Amylynne Blake for more information about this ministry.


TAP is time for men and women to come together on Tuesday nights at a local pub like the Pine Bar in Cloverdale or KRU on Mt. Meigs and discuss theology. Previous studies have been focused on doctrines such as: God, Man, Christ, Salvation, Church, and the End Times. With each topic, we facilitate our time by discussing a chapter or two from the book pertaining to the doctrine.  Stay tuned for the return of Tap or contact Brian MacDonald for more details.